Lucio Luongo visual designer

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2006, JUL–

subject, direction, editing, Vesuvius art exhibitions in 798 quarter, beijing

In a context of city archaeology they allow the civilization print visually is spoken about as we averse men straight them have interpreted the life,but this we are alone the fruit of our materialist illusion that for too much coveting has carried to us to extinguish.The spirit to us who rambles from the residual manufacturers of the several ones age, is the testimony of the horrors makes in name of the progress "regression". the shapes are the shadow of the humanity, visible trace of an obvious passage, from those most obvious of the human race, to those less obvious of the breed extinguished in the several age until those aliens.

SHOWNED in Vesuvius, art show in 798 quarter in beijing exhibitions curated by Gigiotto Del Vecchio for the municipality of napoli in occasion of the Italian culture's year in China (2008)

Video edited and directed by
Lucio Luongo & Plank

Music by Fabrizio Faraoni

lyric by emilia Majello

Lucio Luongo